CG Net Launched Super Value Plan | 75 Mbps Package for only Rs. 680

super value pack

CG Net, the subsidiary company of the Chaudhary group has unveiled the High sped internet ‘Super Value Plan’ by upgrading its packages. If you are looking for speedy internet for an affordable price, CG Net has launched new packages for you. You can enjoy 75, 150 and 300 Mbps internet packages.

Under Super Value Plan, the company has introduced the 300Mbps Rockstar package, 150 Mbps Popular package, and 75 Mbps Sprinter package. All these packages can be purchased for 1 month, 3 months and 12 months.

super value plan cg net

300 Mbps – Rockstar Package

The 300 Mbps Rockstar package will be available at Rs 14,928 for 12 months. By subscribing to this package for 12 months, it costs only Rs. 1244 per month.

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Similarly, this package costs Rs 4062 for three months and Rs 1399 for 1 month.

150 Mbps – Popular Package

Popular package of 150 Mbps speed will cost Rs 11,100 when subscribing for 12 months of internet. According to this, it costs Rs 925 per month.

If you subscribe to the 150 Mbps package for 3 months, you have to pay Rs.3045. Similarly, buying this package for 1 month will cost Rs 1050.

75 Mbps – Sprinter Package

The cheapest package under the Super Value plan is the Sprinter package with 75 Mbps speed. Buying this package for 12 months will cost Rs 8160. According to this, this package is available at Rs 680 per month.

This package will cost Rs 2160 if you subscribe for 3 months and Rs 730 if you buy it for 1 month only.

Router, Installation & Drop Wire Charges

Installation charge and Drop wire charge are free when subscribing to any package under the Super Value plan. After subscribing to the package, the customer will get a Drop wire and internet installation facility for free.

The company provides dual-band routers for fast internet service. Customers will get the router for free once they subscribe to the 12-month package. But when buying 1-month and 3-month packages, you need to pay a security deposit for the router.

For the router, the customer has to pay Rs 1500 for the 1-month package and Rs 1000 for the 3-month package.

In all packages, an additional deposit of Rs.500 will be charged. This deposit amount will be returned when the customer decides not to use the internet.

Super Value Plan – Prices

Plan 1 month3 month12 month
300 Mbps1,3994,06214,928
150 Mbps1,0503,04511,100
75 Mbps7302,1608,160

One-Time Setup Charges

1 Month3 Months12 Months
Installation ChargeFreeFreeFree
Drop Wire ChargeFreeFreeFree
Rental Charge for Dual Band Router15001000Free
Refundable deposit500500500

It has been 1 year since CG Net started providing internet services, during this period the company has expanded its services to seven more districts outside the valley. The company has been providing high-speed internet service at affordable prices

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