List of things that you can bring from abroad for custom free

custom free

Are you returning to Nepal from abroad for Dashain? If you plan to bring a lot of gifts to your relatives and family when you return, please think about it. In recent times, Tribhuvan International Airport has tightened baggage checks at customs. Let’s know about the custom free thing which can be brought to Nepal.

Comparatively, customs checks have been tightened to discourage the bringing of gold, alcohol, and mobile phones in excess of the prescribed quantity.

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It will be better to bring the goods only according to the Nepal Government’s Jhitigunta Rule. If you bring more goods than specified in the Jhitigunta rule, it is sure to be confiscated or needs to pay extra tax.

The government of Nepal has made arrangements to levy customs duty on various items brought by those returning from abroad. Some goods cannot be brought at all, while some goods can be brought without paying customs.

So it would be better to get information before getting into trouble at the airport.

Most of the people returning from abroad bring items such as TV, mobile, jewelry, watches and alcohol. If you bring more than the specified quantity, the goods may be confiscated or you may have to pay expensive customs. Some goods are confiscated if they bring too much.

  • Laptop/computer or tablet: – 1/1 quantity
  • Watch, camera, video camera is free of customs: 1/1 quantity
  • Mobile phone and pen drive allowed: – 1/1 quantity
  • Perambulators and tricycles, fan, and radio: – 1/1.
  • Branded expensive alcohol is allowed: – Max 1 liter
  • 32 inches TV: – 1 quantity ( TOS applied)
  • clothes, shoes, cosmetics: – 15 Quantity
  • Music player, refrigerator, washing machine: – 1/1 quantity

TVs up to 32 inches are custom free. Nepalese who have completed at least one year of foreign employment only can bring up to 32-inch TVs duty-free. However, this facility is not available to those who have gone abroad for other purposes and have not spent 1 year.

If you bring bigger than 32 inches, You have to pay the customs duty according to the inch. However, more than one TV cannot be brought without paying customs duty.

Doctors don’t have to pay customs to bring blood pressure measuring devices, stethoscopes, sports equipment for athletes, instruments like guitar, harmonium, etc.

There is no duty to bring a certain amount of old personal items such as clothes, bedding, household items, etc. There is no customs duty on food items up to seven kilograms.

15 pieces of clothes, shoes, cosmetics, etc. for the body, mixer, juicer, sewing machine, gas table, iron, rice cooker 2-2 pieces. Goods that have exceeded this limit can only be released by paying customs duty.

Cigarettes can be brought up to 200 khilli and cigars up to 50 khilli are custom free, no need to pay tax on it.

Nepali workers returning from abroad can bring up to 100 grams of raw gold. You have to pay tax for that.

Bringing up to 50 grams of gold requires a customs duty of Rs 47,500. A tax of Rs 9,500 has to be paid for 10 grams of gold.

If more than 50 grams of gold is brought, customs duty is Rs 10,500 per 10 grams. If you bring up to 100 grams, there is a provision to charge customs at the rate of 12,500 rupees per 10 grams. Bringing more than that amount of gold will be confiscated.

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