Fishtail Dreampark in Pokhara | International-level Waterpark

fishtail dreamland pokhara

An international-level waterpark has come into operation in Pokhara. The modern Fishtail Dreampark, built with an investment of 500 million, has come into operation. Fistel Dreampark has been built with the aim of establishing it as an entertainment center in Pokhara.

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A high-level park has been built for the first time in Pokhara where families can come and spend the whole day enjoying events. There are about 25 types of events including indoor games, dry parks, wet parks, sofa slides, lazy rivers, free fall, tornado bowl, wave pool, train and others.

fishtail dreamland

The entrance fee to the Fishtail Dreampark is 200 rupees. There is a 50% discount for children. Similarly, the water park package is available at 1,200 rupees and the dry park package at 450 rupees. For those who want to play limited games after entry, it will cost Rs 150 to Rs 300 per game.

For food lovers, Fishtail Dream park Magic Mountain has food for every taste, from Johnny Rockets hamburgers and shakes, pizza, and Asian Cuisine to Plaza Ice Cream & Shakes, and the World Famous Funnel Cake Factory. Many restaurants and snack areas are conveniently located throughout the Park. 

Not only games played in the water, played in summer, but also games that do not require water are kept in the park. Some of these parks are open for 6 months and not closed for 6 months, so there is a separate indoor game for children. The technology and materials installed in this park were brought from India and China. Quality materials are installed with special attention for customer safety.

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5000 people can have fun at the same time by playing various games in the park spread over 65 acres of land. About 100 people are directly employed in the park. The park is about 4 km from Pokhara’s old airport and about 5 km from Prithvi Chowk.

You can go to the park not only by private but also by public transport from the airport to Dhungesahu, Sitapaila.

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