List of most popular smartphones of 2020, Xiaomi overtakes Apple

most popular smartphones

International Data Corporation has released a report on smartphones sold in the global market in the third quarter of the current year 2020. A list of the most popular smartphones by 2020 has unveiled. From July to September, Samsung retained the number one position as the company selling the most smartphones.

While Samsung is securing its position as the world’s largest smartphone company, Chinese smartphone company Huawei has also managed to retain its second position. According to a report by IDC, sales of smartphones in the global market declined by 1.3 percent in the last quarter compared to the same period last year. Sales of smartphones have also been negatively affected due to the closure of markets in various parts of the world due to the Covid-19 epidemic.

But sales of smartphones have been better than expected at the level of the negative impact of the epidemic on the smartphone market. Global smartphone sales were expected to fall 9 percent in the third quarter.

According to the data, 353.6 million smartphones were sold in the global market during the period from July to September.

Apple has lost 3rd position

According to the report, South Korean company Samsung tops the global smartphone market with 22.7 percent share. During this period, Samsung has sold 84 million smartphones. Compared to the same period last year, Samsung has managed to send 2.9 percent more smartphones to the market.

Huawei is in second place with 14.7 percent market share. It has sold 51.9 million smartphones during the period. However, shipments of Huawei’s smartphones fell by 22 percent compared to the same period last year.

Apple, the world’s most valuable company, has lost its third position as the world’s best-selling smartphone maker. Apple has been overtaken by the Chinese smartphone company Xiaomi. Xiaomi has reached 13.1 percent of its market share. Xiaomi has sold 46.5 million smartphones in the third quarter.

Xiaomi’s smartphone sales have increased significantly, especially in developing countries due to the high growth in demand for affordable and mid-range smartphones. Xiaomi sold 42 percent more smartphones in the third quarter of this year compared to the same period last year.

Apple’s market share, which fell to fourth place, has shrunk to 11.8 percent. Apple sold 41.6 million iPhones in the third quarter.

Another Chinese smartphone brand, Vivo, is in fourth place with a market share of 8.9 percent. During this period, Vivo has managed to sell 31.5 million smartphones.

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