Mandakini Hydropower IPO going to Issue from Shrawan 9

mandakini hydropower ipo

If you are waiting for IPO then we request you arrange the money. Mandakini Hydropower Limited is going to issue IPO for the public from Shrawan 09.

The company will issue 10,93,749 IPO shares from Shrawan 09 to general investors. The IPO price is fixed at Rs 100 per share. According to this, you should make Rs. 1000 ready to apply in this IPO.

ThisIPO will remain open till the Shrawan 12, banking time. If the entire IPO is not sold within this period, the IPO application can be submitted by the 23rd of Shrawan.

The company has secured 58,803 shares to a collective investment fund and 23,521 shares to employees. General investors can apply for the remaining 10,93,749 IPO shares.

Interested investors can apply for this from a minimum of 10 shares to a maximum of 1 lakh shares. Since two million investors can apply for IPO, the probability of IPO allotment is very low. So we suggest investors to apply for only 10 shares in this IPO. Applying for more kitta means you are going to freeze the amount.

Applications for this IPO can be made online through Mero Share. Likewise, the application can be made by going to the CASBA member bank.

The company has appointed BOK Capital Markets Limited to act as the issue and sale manager.

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