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Mero Share app is now available for Nepali stock investors. Until now, Nepali investors have been using Mero Share only through browsers on computers and mobiles. CDS & Clearing Limited (CDSC) today launched the ‘Mero Share’ mobile app. For now, the company has made the beta version of Mero Share’s mobile app available. The app can be downloaded from Google Play Store and is easy to use. The company will make this app available on both Android and iOS platforms.

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This new app is currently being launched for testing. This app has been open for testing for a short time. This app will be open for permanent use after successful testing. The beta version of this app will have portfolio, EDIS and other services available but the ASBA service will not be available in this app for now.

To Download Mero Share app, Click the link:

CDSC’s new app has all the features included in the web version of Mero Share. Currently, the web version of Mero Share includes features like portfolio, IPO, FPO and rights share application, WACC, EDIS. Currently this app is only available on Android mobiles and tablets. The CDSC has stated that the app will be available in Apple’s App Store only after the test is completed and the app is fully operational. Investors are urged to download only the CDSC written app in the app developer.

Investors have been facing many problems while filing IPOs using internet browsers. When the IPO was opened and the result was made public, there was a problem that the site was not working. Previously, Mero share was only available for Internet browsers. Now that the app has been developed, users will be able to fill in IPO, right share and even EDIS from the app along with the browser.

Now, when the IPO opens, investors will be free from the problem of the site not working. The app can be downloaded from the android play store and Apple’s iOS store. Mero Share is only available for download on Playstore but no APK link has been uploaded anywhere, according to CDSC. There may be other apps with the same name as Mero Share, you need to know the actual app and use it.

To Download app, Click the link:

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