How to renew Mero Share & Demat a/c? Investors Must know ….

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The number of investors opening new demat accounts has increased significantly in the last one year. Investors should also know how to renew a demat account. Investors who do not go for renewal may be barred from applying for an IPO.

As it has become technology friendly, there is no need to go to the capital office for demat renewal as before. Investors can now renew their demat account and Mero Share account from their mobile, laptop or computer from home or office.

mero share renew

When to renew Demat & Mero Share?

The demat account should be renewed at the end of each financial year. In other words, every investor should have renewed the asadh (at the end of July).

Mero Share account must be renewed after 365 days from the date of creation. You can find out when to renew Mero shares by logging in to the application.

  • Open Mero Share and click on your name in the upper right corner.
  • Then personal details can be seen there.
  • You can see the expiration date of Demat and Mero share in the account information.
  • It is best to renew your account before the expiration date.

How to renew Demat & Mero Share online?

Demat account and my share can be easily renewed through bank financial institution or wallet pay. Earlier, you had to go to banks and financial institutions to pay the renewal fee, but now you can pay through various wallets. With the help of technology, investors have the facility to renew through their phones.

Renewal fee can be paid through Connect IPS, Isewa, IME Pay, Khalti, Prabhu Pay. If any investor wishes to renew for a period of more than one year, there is a facility to do so.

Also, you can renew by going to the Mero Share app and using the available gateways by pressing the Renew Account button.

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