Must-Know 5 secret features of Smartphones

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Smartphones have made our lives much easier. There may be some features in the smartphone that we haven’t used yet but that works a lot. These features allow you to keep your privacy, battery life and autosave photos.

Today, everyone has a smartphone in their hand. We used to calls, WhatsApp, messaging and YouTube, as well as many other applications. But most of us do not use all the features of the phone. Smartphones have many secret applications or features that we are not running without knowing or paying attention. Android phones have some features that make it easy to operate the phone as well as solve minor problems.

Know those secret features:

  1. Keep privacy on the phone

How often do our family and friends ask us to use our phones? In that case, we don’t want to see our chat message videos and other applications. In this case, for privacy, there is a guest mode on the Android phone, which when turned on, the new user will not be able to watch your chat videos and messages.

To do this, click on the Security and Location option in the phone’s settings. Then turn on the screen pinning. Then any application can be pinned. After doing so, the new user can only see and run the application with the same PIN on the screen.

  1. Auto save photo

Sometimes, after taking a photo, you don’t come to the place and save it and you get confused while looking for the photo taken. On top of that, if the phone is damaged or lost, more photos will be lost. For this, you can auto save the photo by turning on auto backup on Android phone. To do this, go to the phone’s settings, select the backup in the system options and click on ‘Backup Now’ to be saved in Gmail.

  1. Save battery

The battery in the smartphone runs out quickly. Running a lot of applications will quickly drain the phone’s battery. In this case, to reduce the brightness of the phone to make the battery last longer, and by going to the phone’s settings and clicking on the battery saver option, the battery can last longer.

  1. Get rid of the hassle of notifications

Sometimes we click on a video or notification button unknowingly. Then the occasional notification on the phone screen annoys us. To get rid of it, you can click on the notification and then choose one of the mute or block options.

  1. Many ways to unlock

The smartphone has the facility to unlock through finger or thumb fingerprint. But we can make it even easier as needed. Many times smartphones have the option to save more than one fingerprint. This way we can save the fingerprints of more than one member of our family.

This allows someone else in the family to unlock the phone in the absence of one person. To do this, go to Security and Location in Settings and click on the Fingerprint option. Then go to the Add Fingerprint option and add other fingerprints.

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