Oppo A57 Smartphone available to buy, Here is the Price and Features

oppo A57 price in nepal

Oppo has released its new smartphone Oppo A57 in the Nepali market. Oppo A57 is targeted at mid-range phone users with attractive dazzling Oppo Glow design, excellent features and reliability.

Oppo A57 has 33W SUPERVOOC charging and a high-capacity 5000mAh long-lasting battery. It eliminates users’ daily battery problems with remarkably fast charging.

Users can enjoy a color-rich display on this phone with a large 6.56-inch screen. While attractive ultra-linear stereo speakers enhance the entertainment experience. The 13MP rear camera’s nightscape mode filters and 8MP front camera AI portrait retouching for selfies add flair.

Oppo A57 Price

Fresh and just launched new OPPO A57 phone is available online and in the market in Nepal, it is priced at Rs. 23,499.

Stylish design

Under the Oppo Glow design, the back of the Oppo A57 is covered with nanocrystals. These nano crystals sparkle like a galaxy of stars when light shines on it, and the excellent fingerprint and scratch resistance of the Oppo Glow design makes this eye-catching beauty permanent.

The glowing green finish brings bold and youthful color and transforms the stars into sparkling emeralds. Glowing Black has a matte finish reminiscent of the endless night sky.

Ultra-thin Body

The Tudy Body design reduces the width of the phone to create a 7.99mm ultra-thin frame that gives the OPPO A57 high portability and makes it even easier to handle.

OPPO A57’s enduring quality is proven in 6 key test areas including drop, water resistance, radiation, ambient environment and signal interference, with more than 130 rigorous tests and 320 detailed test steps.

Fast charging and 5000 mAh battery

OPPO A57’s class-leading SUPERVOOC charge technology fully charges the battery in 72 minutes, while the 5000mAh long-lasting battery keeps users from running out of battery.

Super Fast Speed

Such fast speed and high capacity allow for hours of enjoyable video streaming, web browsing and game playing, while just 10 minutes of plug-in is enough for an additional 2 hours and 87 seconds of YouTube streaming.

Over-voltage and multiple safeguards make the super-power charging method completely safe, even when significant power flows through the phone.

Color-rich Comfortable Display

Oppo A57 is made with entertainment in mind. Its bright 6.56-inch color-rich display makes up for its large HD+ resolution and excellent color performance. The screen reproduces 96 percent of the NTSC color gamut, with realistic-looking skin tones and special effects for the greatest enjoyment of movies and games.

Eye comfort mode on this phone automatically adjusts the screen to cope with the darkest and brightest conditions every day, and its display looks natural anywhere. Users can switch to Eye mode for light-night browsing, which reduces blue light emission from the display to reduce eye strain.

Stereo Speakers

Oppo A57 features ultra-linear stereo speakers, which deliver stereo audio up to 85dB at twice the volume of a quality design for the most immersive, clear and punchy sound. Oppo A57’s Ultra Volume mode provides 0.44 times more loudness to make sounds clearer for the hearing impaired or even reduce the noise of a loud party.

ColorOS 12:1 software

ColorOS 12.1 software modification that makes everyday phone functions and experiences easier. FlexDrop makes multi-tasking easy on the phone. Three-Finger Translate with Google Lens from one window to another window or app lets users quickly translate images.

The Privacy Dashboard lets users see which apps have accessed location data, camera or microphone in the last 24 hours. Enhanced photo data privacy can remove location information and other data before photos are made public or when photos are posted online.

Availability in the market

Oppo A57 is available in Nepal from July 26, 2022 in Glowing Green and Glowing Black colors. Moreover, 4GB expandable RAM with 4GB ROM + 64GB RAM is available in software.

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