Rapti Hydro issued 21,76,940 kitta IPO From Asar 29 | How to apply

rapti hydro ipo

Rapti Hydro and General Construction Limited issued an IPO for the general public from today, the 29th of Asar. The company has already distributed IPOs to project-affected people.

Rapti Hydro IPO

The company has issued 2,366,240 ordinary shares to the public. The company’s IPO has been issued at Rs 100 per share. 3% (70,988) shares of the issued capital were allotted to the employees, 5% (118,312) shares were allotted to the collective investment fund. The general public will be able to apply for the remaining 21,76,940 IPOs.

How much to apply?

Investors will be able to apply for a minimum of 10 lots and a maximum of 2.1 million lots in this IPO. In this IPO, only 217694 investors will get IPO at the rate of 10 lots through lucky draw. Therefore, it would be appropriate to apply for only 10 lots.

Rapti Hydro IPO Date

The IPO of this company is open from the 29th of Asar. Investors can apply for IPO till Shrawan 1.

How to apply in IPO?

Investors can apply to all CASBA member banks and branch offices approved by SEBON across the IPO form. In addition to this, application for IPO can also be made online through Mero Share app and website.

Rapti Hydro ICRA Rating

ICRA Nepal has given ‘ICRA NP-IR BB’ rating to the IPO of the IPO company. The ratings show that the company has a high risk of failing to meet its financial obligations on time. The IPO issue and sale manager is Siddhartha Capital Limited.

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