Sayapatri Hydropower Limited IPO opens from Shrawan 13

sayapatri hydropower ipo

Sayapatri Hydropower Limited is going to issue IPO shares to the general public from 13 Shrawan 2079. Hydropower company is going to issue IPO shares at Rs 100 face value per share. The company is issuing more than 7 lakh IPOs

Sayapatri Hydropower IPO

Sayapatri Hydropower Limited is going to issue 7,21,060 shares to the general public. Of the total IPO shares, 5% i.e. 36053 shares were allocated for collective investment funds and 2% i.e. 14,421 shares were allocated for employees. The remaining 6,70,586 shares are going to be issued as IPO shares.

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IPO Quantity7,21,060
IPO face valueRs. 100
To mutual funds36053
To employee14,421
To investors6,70,586
IPO dateShrawan 13-17
Apply for10-100 Kitta

IPO Closing Date

IPO application of Sayapatri Hydropower will be closed on 17th Shrawan after banking time. If all the IPOs are not sold within this time, the application will remain open till banking hours on 27th Shrawan.

How many Kitta to Apply

Application can be made for the IPO of Hydropower from a minimum of 10 shares to a maximum of 30,000 shares. In this IPO it would be advisable to apply for only 10 shares.

How to apply

Applications for the IPO of the company can be distributed to C-ASBA member banks and their branch offices. Similarly, IPO applications can be made through C-ASBA system using Mero share app and website.

Similarly, the company has appointed NIBL ​​S Capital Limited to act as the issuing and selling manager.

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