Japan’s Passport is the strongest in the world, and Nepal’s is the weakest

strongest passport

Do you know? Guess which country has the strongest passport in the world. Japan has the strongest passport in the world. A survey of passports around the world has shown that Japan’s passport is the strongest. Singapore and South Korea are second and Germany and Spain are third.

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Japanese passport holders can visit 193 countries around the world without a visa. The passports of Singapore and South Korea, the second most powerful countries, can travel to 192 countries, and Germany, which ranks third, can travel to 190 countries.

Similarly, Nepal’s passport is among the weakest in the world. According to the Henley Company of London’s study “Passport Index”, Nepal’s passport has been placed on the world’s weakest list. According to the study, the Nepali passport is ranked 106th. Last year, Nepal’s passport was ranked 109th.

This study was done on the basis of how many countries in the world allow entry without a visa (Visa Free Score). Accordingly, this list has been prepared.

A Nepalese passport can only visit 38 countries.

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