Electric car Tigor EV is being launched in Nepal | Here is Features

tata tigor ev

Tata’s electric car Tigor EV is being officially launched in the Nepali market today.

Sipradi Trading Pvt. Ltd., Tata’s official distributor for Nepal, will officially launch the Tigor EV today.

The car, which entered Nepal a few weeks ago, was being tested by Sipradi on the road.

Tiger EV is an electric model of Tata Tiger. Tata Tigier, which is the most popular among the customers, was made public in the Nepali market towards the end of 2018 BS.

The Tigor EV has a four-star rating in the Global Encap Safety Rating, with the car scoring 12 out of 16 points for adult safety and the car scoring 37.24 points out of 49 for children’s safety.

Tigor EV is based on Ziptron technology. It is powered by a 26 kW liquid-cooled, high energy density battery pack and an IP-67 rated battery pack. This allows the vehicle to be driven easily in any weather. The electric motor in the vehicle generates 74 bhp (55 kW) of power and 170 Nm of torque.

Similarly, the battery in Tigor EV is charged 80 percent in 65 minutes when charged from a 25 kW DC charger. It can also be charged with a 15 amp plug. This means that the vehicle can be easily charged from the charging port in our home or office. When charged in this way, it is 80 percent charged in 8 hours and 45 minutes. The car can be driven and sport in two modes.

As in India, Tigor EV Dayton Gray and Till Blue will be available in two color options in Nepali market. If it is made available in dual-tone option, the upper part (roof) will be black. The car’s grille-blue color appears to have drawn the line, so that it can be distinguished from the electrical.

The entire LED DRL light on the front has made the vehicle even more attractive. The wheels are also very stylish. The rear view mirrors behind it are also foldable. You can also see a batch with Ziptron written on the opening of the car’s deck. It has 316 liters of boot space.

The car’s dashboard is dual-tone with a pale gray and black theme. Tigor’s seats are granite black, and the car’s interior is electrically centered. Features include a 7-inch Hermann infotainment touchscreen, automatic climate control, digital LCD instrument cluster, auto AC, seat height adjustable driver seat and more. The car also has a smart push-button start and a portable charging cable. Tigor has more than 30 connectivity features for driver and passenger convenience. These include remote commands and remote diagnostics.

In terms of security, the Tigor EV features dual airbags, ABS technology with EBD, rear parking sensor, rear parking camera, and seat belt reminder. The vehicle has 2,450 mm wheelbase and 172 mm ground clearance.

Tata Motors has given an 8-year warranty of 160,000 kilometers on the batteries and motors of the Tigor EV.

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