What is UK Seasonal Visa? How to apply for Free? Know more about it

uk seasonal visa

UK seasonal visa is now a trending topic. Lots of people want to know about this. What is UK seasonal visa? Do you know? Let me tell you in brief. How does it work? and How can you apply for it for free.

Seasonal visa is a short-term temporary visa, which is valid for 6 months only. That is provided for foreign workers. With this visa, It is possible to go to the UK with a very small investment. This is issued as a six-month temporary seasonal visa for agricultural work. After receiving this visa, the worker can only work for 6 months. It can be applied from Nepal. There is no agent you can apply for yourself from home. This visa does not come under any manpower agency, authorised UK recruiting agency provides you a visa.

What is a UK Seasonal Visa?

Seasonal visa is a temporary visa issued by the government with permission to work only for a period of 6 months. This visa is allowed by the government especially during the season when temporary workers are required for agricultural work.

What Should a Seasonal Visa Worker Do?

Workers going on a seasonal visa, you must work in agriculture work there. Jobs can be Fruit picking, vegetable picking, flower picking and other agricultural work.

No Agent No Commission

No agent, no commission it is completely free. So agents can make you a fool by saying they can send, so be careful. They may deceive you by saying that they will send you to the UK for 4-5 lakhs. That all is false. This is visa-free and an online application is the only way to apply.

What is the Monthly Salary?

This work visa does not include a monthly salary. You get paid for the work you do. The more hours you work each day, the more you get paid. You get paid around 10 UK pounds per hour. Accordingly, you can earn 2400 UK pounds or Rs 363,500 per month. In the case of overtime, the salary is even higher.

Salary = 10 * 8 * 30 = 2400 pounds or Rs. 3,63,500 Per Month.

How Much Can Worker Save?

You decide how much to spend and how much to save per month. If you don’t spend unnecessarily, more than Rs 200,000 will be saved. The cost of living there is usually room rent and food. Apart from that, it also costs money on the internet and mobile. Even if you spend Rs 1 lakh every month, you can save around Rs 2 lakh.

How Much Does This Visa Cost?

You need to pay special attention to this. This visa does not come in any manpower. There is no agent to send you on a seasonal visa. Be careful if someone tells you that I am sending you on a seasonal visa. You can apply online and the company will send you a proposal and a visa.

It may cost a small amount, but it does not cost millions. This is a free visa. You can go without investment. Only air tickets and interview expenses can be paid.

How to Apply Online?

You can apply for a seasonal visa through the site listed below. You have to email it with your CV and cover letter. If the company chooses you, you can easily go to the UK.

Apply for free through the following 4 sites


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