Upcoming IPO of Laghubitta Companies in Nepal – 2022

upcoming laghubitta ipo in nepal

How many of you are love to apply for IPO shares? Most of us sure love to apply for IPO. If you are applying for IPO shares then you are a brilliant investor because, In Nepal, IPO is the most profitable business in Nepal. Don’t forget to read this article, the new upcoming laghubitta ipo in Nepal.

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In Nepse, dozens of laghubitta companies are listed for trade but still, too many laghubitta are preparing to issue IPO for the general public. Among them, these 7 laghubitta company is issuing IPO, see in the table below.

Here is the information about the new upcoming laghubitta companies IPO in Nepal – 2022.

CompanyIPO QuantityCapital Name
1Abhiyan Laghubitta9,75,000Muktinath Capital
2CYC Nepal Laghubitta3,95,336Global IME Capital
3Dhaulagiri Laghubitta3,31,000Prabhu Capital
4Upakar Laghubitta2,66,250Nepal SBI Merchant Banking
5Atmanirbhar Laghubitta1,80,000Sunrise Capital
6BPW Laghubitta97,000Mega Capital
7Adarsha Laghubitta60,000BOK Capital Markets

1) Abhiyan Laghubitta Company Limited

Abhiyan Laghubitta company is one of the laghubitta going to issue IPO for general Public very soon. The IPO application of the company is in the Securities Exchange Board of Nepal ( SEBON). The company is issuing 9,75,000 units of IPO very soon. Abhiyan Laghubitta has appointed Muktinath Capital as sales and issue manager.

2) CYC Nepal Laghubitta Company Limited

CYC Nepal Laghubitta is another company going to issue IPO for the public soon. The company is going to issue 3,95,336 units of IPO in Nepse. IPO of this company is going to issue after the approval by the SEBON. Global IME Capital is the sales manager of the CYC Nepal Laghubitta.

3) Dhaulagiri Laghubitta Company

Dhaulagiri Laghubitta company limited is issuing the IPO soon. The company has appointed Prabhu Capital limited as the sales manager. Soon 3,31,000 units of IPO are going to issue for public.

4) Upakar Laghubitta Company

If you are waiting for the IPO then Upakar Laghubitta company is another company. The company is going to issue 2,66,250 units of IPO after SEBON approval and Nepal SBI Merchant Banking is the issue manager.

5) Atmanirbhar Laghubitta Company

Atmanirbhar Laghubitta company is issuing 1,80,000 units of IPO for the general public soon. Sunrise Capital limited is the sales and issue manager.

6) BPW Laghubitta Company

BPW LAGHUBITTA BITTIYA SANSTHA LTD is another company on the list for IPO. This company is going to issue 97,000 kitta of IPO for the public. Mega Capital is appointed as the Issue and sales manager for the company.

7) Adarsha Laghubitta Company

In this list, Adarsha Laghubitta company limited is another company to issue IPO very soon. Investors can apply for the 60,000 units of IPO of this company and the sales manager is BOK Capital Markets.

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