World’s First Vertical City – Saudi Arabia’s Wonder The Line City

vertical city the line

For the first time in the world, one such vertical city has been envisioned, the spread of which will increase in height. Something beyond our imagination is in preparation for construction. There is nothing impossible in this world and there is nothing surprising.

The Line – Vertical City

A city is being built that will stretch towards the sky. Which will be a vertical city. The unique city will be called The Line. It will be the new wonder for the world.

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It may sound surprising but it is true. The height of this city will be about 500 meters, where houses will be built on top of houses. Its design is not like our city now, it will be in flat style, layer upon layer.

Do you know where this city will be built? This city will be built in the rich and prosperous country of Saudi Arabia. In Saudi Arabia, Prince Mohammed bin Salman first disclosed the project in January 2021.

How Big is the Vertical City

The total length of this city will be 170 km and the width will be only 200 meters. This city will be spread over an area of ‚Äč‚Äčabout 26,500 square kilometers. The city will be very clean and beautiful and will be carbon-free.

Advance City

This city will be very advanced. It will take only 20 minutes to reach from one end of the 190 km long city to the other because there will be a high-speed train. This city will have only railways. There will be no roads, no cars.

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This will be the world’s first vertical city where offices, houses, parks, and schools will all be vertical.

When will The Line be completed?

The construction of this city is planned to be completed by the year 2025. It is said that about 500 billion dollars will be spent to build this city. It is planned to accommodate 9 million people in the said city.

City Covered with Glass

The Line city will be covered by a 500-meter-high wall of glass. This entire city will run on 100% renewable energy. Only renewable energy sources like solar energy and wind energy will be used in this city. There will be no pollution and carbon emissions will be zero.

Compared to traditional flat and sprawling cities, this city will be vertical. Hi-tech areas will be developed around the city.

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