Wi-Fi Nepal Dashain Offer | Check the Internet Packages Price – 2022

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Internet service provider WiFi Nepal has come up with a new offer on the occasion of the Dashain festival. The name of this offer is WiFi Nepal Dashain Offer. Customers can participate in this offer and upgrade to high-speed internet at the same price.

This plan is available in all packages of WiFi Nepal. Apart from this, the company has also launched a new internet package of 80Mbps. If you are a customer of WiFi Nepal or planning to purchase a new internet connection then there is a great opportunity for you.

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Under this plan, customers who are using 30 Mbps internet speed can upgrade to a 50 Mbps internet package. There is no additional charge for this. It will be available at the same old price.

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This means that customers who previously subscribed to 30 Mbps internet will now be able to enjoy a 50 Mbps internet package at the same rate.

Similarly, the users of the 50 Mbps package till now can now renew by paying the price of 30 Mbps. Customers will be able to fully enjoy 50 Mbps internet at Rs. 4000 per year if they are existing customers. If the subscriber is new they can buy the 50Mbps package at Rs 5500 only with all charges.

In addition, the company has introduced a package of 80Mbps for those who want high-speed internet. Now Wi-Fi Nepal will provide internet packages of 50 and 80 Mbps.

To purchase an internet package of 80 Mbps, the customer will have to pay Rs 8,475 per year. The user has to pay a minimum three months fee for renewal.

These packages are available only for residential use only and customers need to pay an extra 13% VAT with packages.

Here are the WiFi Nepal internet packages and price

50 Mbps

50 Mbps3 Months6 Months1 Year
Wire ChargeRs.500Rs.0Rs.0
Router ChargeRs.1500Rs.1500Rs.1500
Installation ChargeRs.0Rs.0Rs.0

50 Mbps

80 Mbps3 Months6 Months1 Year
Wire ChargeRs.500Rs.0Rs.0
Router ChargeRs.1500Rs.1500Rs.1500
Installation ChargeRs.0Rs.0Rs.0

Renew (Internet Only)

Renewal3 Months6 Months1 Year
50 MbpsRs.1100Rs.2100Rs.4000
80 MbpsRs.1600Rs.3200Rs.6000

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