Youtube Partner Program available for Nepal, Nepali Creator can monetize video

youtube partner program

Video platform YouTube has also made Nepal participate in its partner program. The company recently added Nepal to its list of YouTube Partner Programs. Now Nepali YouTube Creator will be able to monetize their channel from Nepal.

By joining Nepal in the partner program, it will be possible to participate in the income from Nepal through YouTube. YouTube’s partner program currently has 122 countries.

Earlier, when Nepal was not included in the list, Nepali YouTubers were forced to name other countries. Due to which, even though Nepalis are earning income through YouTube, there was a problem in monetization. Nepalis had to earn by showing the names of countries like India and USA and showing the users of those countries.

Now any YouTube creator will be able to monetize their videos and other content with the name of Nepal. Similarly, all kinds of services and rules of YouTube will be available for Nepali users and they will have to follow them.

There is a rule that to monetize a channel on YouTube, there must be one thousand subscribers and at least four thousand hours of video must be watched. The channel will be monetized only after all this is completed.

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